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“Our investment philosophy has and will always value long-term discipline, a laser-focus on risk management, and diversification to protect and grow your family's wealth.”

– Patrick Fruzzetti

Investment Philosophy

Rose Advisors' investment philosophy is derived from a macro, non-consensus view which places emphasis on risk management and understanding markets signals. The cornerstone of the investment philosophy is to first preserve capital followed by a responsibility to increase capital in excess of the market average over a market cycle. The team believes that the market is driven by macro forces and that knowing how to read market signals and decipher information to determine what is relevant is the cornerstone of the process.

Ultimately, the team marries this top down approach with a bottom up fundamental analysis. We do not run index-based portfolios, which allows us to establish distinct overweight and underweight positions in the sectors we deem most or least attractive.

Investment Process


• Find geographies, sectors, and industries with the best risk/reward ratios defined by macro views
• Traffic in large cap stocks as they offer quality, liquidity, and opportunity


• Emphasize high quality companies with organic revenue and profit growth 
• Select companies with sustainable business models and a diversified customer base
• Target firms with “best in breed” management teams and strong financial profiles and cash flows


• Target “reversion to the mean” stocks that have lagged their peers
• We are style agnostic, but we do not practice momentum investing
• Analyze historical financials and future expectations in order to determine the attractiveness of a firm’s capital allocation policy.
• Emphasize a strong balance sheet with liquidity


• Review extensive syllabus of global, geographically dispersed & focused, non-consensus research providers, multiple non-mainstream newsletters and blogs on a daily basis.
• Evaluate and review quarterly earnings reports and company news flow

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